Student Life


All single students are housed in our comfortable dorms that are located on the Harvest campus; we have a dorm for female students and a separate dorm for male students. Each room is fully furnished and air-conditioned. For meals, students are provided with a variety of food, both local and American, that is served out of our school cafeteria. For married students, we will provide a list of suggested housing and work opportunities within a short distance of Harvest campus.

Work Study

All single students are provided with jobs on campus to help off-set the cost of their school bills. Each student is trained for his or her specific job and is provided with set hours each week. Some of the job opportunities include housekeeping, security, food services, teacher’s aides, office workers and others.


Students are able to enjoy many times of relaxation and recreation. The weekends provide an excellent opportunity for these times. Some of the weekend activities include store trips, beach trips, basketball, volleyball and others. There is also always the chance for relaxing and/or studying on the grass under the many large trees around campus. A couple of times each year, special activity days are planned in which the students get to enjoy a day of organized fun and activities.

Campus Families

To help each student adjust to life here in Guam, we offer a program that we call Campus Families. Many families in the church sign up every year to be a part of this program. Several students are placed into a family and will have the chance to be together for holidays and special events.


HBBC students are given many opportunities to express their worship to God through singing. Each student attends a music class, taught by the Minister of Music, in which they learn the Biblical foundation of music and prepare special music to sing in the weekly church services. They also will sing at other churches and public events around the island throughout the year. Many students learn the guitar and ukulele, and some have even learned to write their own songs.