Student Life


All students are housed in our comfortable dorms located on the Harvest campus; we have a dorm for female students and a dorm for male students. Each room is fully furnished, air-conditioned with laundry facilities provided. Three nutritionally balanced meals  are provided per day and include local, Asian and Western fare.

Work / Study

All students are provided work study on campus to off-set the cost of their education. Each student is trained for his or her specific job and is provided with set hours each week. Some of the job opportunities include housekeeping, security, food services, teacher aides, and office assistants.

Campus Families

To help each student adjust to life here on Guam, we offer a Campus Family program. Many families in the church volunteer every year to be a part of this program which includes students being “adopted”. This serves as a family away from home where students have the opportunity to celebrate holidays, birthdays and special events.


Students are able to enjoy many forms of relaxation and recreation while at HBBC. Weekends provide an excellent opportunity for these activities. Some of the weekend activities include store and beach trips, basketball, volleyball and others. There is also the opportunity for relaxing and/or studying on the grass under the many large trees around campus. At strategic times of the year, special activities are planned such as Spirit Days in which students have the opportunity to enjoy a day of organized fun, competition and activities.


HBBC students are given many opportunities to express their worship of God through music and song. Each student attends music classes, in which they learn the Biblical foundation of music and how to integrate it into worship services that glorify the Lord. Throughout the year students will also have the opportunity to perform at other churches and public events. Many students have also learned to play various music instruments and compose their own songs and music while studying at HBBC.