The faculty of Harvest Baptist Bible College is committed to training students both in Bible classes and other core subjects to equip them to return to their islands and serve the Lord, whether in the work place or in full-time ministry.

The classes at Harvest Baptist Bible College cover a wide range of subject matter. All students take English classes to help improve both conversational and writing skills. Other core subjects include computers, health and history. Bible courses offered include Bible Doctrines, New Testament Survey, Old Testament Survey, Greek, and many more.

Harvest Ministries provides an opportunity for students to off-set the cost of attending Harvest Baptist Bible College through a Work Study program. Student fees include a one-time registration fee, tuition, room and board, textbooks and health insurance. Please see our catalogue for a full listing of fees.

We offer an Associate of Arts in Bible, and Bachelor of Arts in Christian School Education, Christian Leadership, and Pastoral Ministries (men only).