SWGSBG Scholarship and Award

Pastor Don Eckert, SWGSBG (Short White Guy Saved By Grace) as he was often referred to,  loved the HBBC ministry. His devotion to helping equip his students to serve God will long be remembered and admired.  Because of the close relationship that he had with many of his students, a scholarship and ministry award has been created in his name.


During each graduation ceremony, two students (male and female) who exemplified a godly character throughout the year, will be recognized and awarded a scholarship of $300.  Both students will be chosen based on the following characteristics that Pastor Don often taught and preached.

Did each student:

  1. Faithfully serve in the ministry.
  2. Show a Christlike example.
  3. Demonstrate a love for others and a genuine compassion to help those in need.

Scholarship recipients will be nominated by HBBC graduate assistants, teachers, and supervisors. All nominations will then be reviewed and a final selection will be made by the HBBC administration.


Each year, one HBBC alumni will be selected OR a Micronesian ministry project will be designated to receive a gift of $300 as well.  Our hope is the monetary gift will be a blessing and contribution to the ministry and a reflection of how Pastor Don blessed so many HBBC students and alumni.

If you are interested in donating towards this scholarship and reward, please fill out the form below.